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I have provided dental care to this community for over 20 years. As a sole practitioner, building relationships in order to provide personalized care with an emphasis on prevention of disease is important to me.

As a general practitioner, I have worked with all age groups to deal with the unique challenges they face to achieve optimum health.

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I welcome children at one year of age for a ‘wellness’ exam and to discuss cavity prevention with new parents.

Monitoring growth and development as permanent teeth emerge between the ages of 6 and 13 is very important.


The teen years present their own unique challenges as teeth are sometimes low on the list of priorities yet a healthy, beautiful smile is so important for social development in these years!

Adults & Seniors

Education, work and family life can make 20 to 50 very busy, stressful years. Teeth, too often, become casualties of this hectic stage of life.

People are keeping their teeth longer as they age which presents unique challenges. Seniors with their own teeth are no longer rare and often require special care.

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